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On September 12th, gather with us at Church on the Rock, as we join thousands of couples in churches across North America for #MarriageNight2020. Learn from Matt & Lauren Chandler, Conway & Jada Edwards, Les & Leslie Parrott & comedian Michael Jr.

Great marriages don't happen by chance. They take intentional and sacrificial love that goes beyond just getting our needs met. It is only in the love that Jesus Christ expressed to the world that married couples can have a thriving marriage. Jesus came to show us a new way to live, and the parallels between His relationship with the Body of Christ and the relationship between spouses is astounding! There is so much for us to learn from it. Come spice up your marriage in this one-night EPIC event!

We'll be live streaming the event in our sanctuary and plan to start the evening out at 4PM! A home cooked meal, refreshing beverages, and hot coffee will all be provided, but you'll want to leave the kiddos at home for this one because we won't have childcare. Make it a date night!

This event is for any and ALL married or engaged couples!  The cost is $15 per person, so $30 per couple. Dinner and refreshments are part of the deal!

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