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Elevate JESUS

For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ
and Him crucified - 1 Corinthians 2:2

Welcome to the Family! At Church on the Rock we’re all about relationships and family because that’s what God is all about. We believe “church” is more than just an organization or somewhere you go on Sundays. It’s about finding your place in His family. It’s about discovering who He is and His purpose for your life. And it’s about being equipped and empowered so we can see the Gospel transform lives!


At Church on the Rock, you’ll find a bunch of ordinary people who know an awesome God that loves to do amazing things in and through them! You can read our statement of faith to learn more about what we believe or dig around the site to get to know us a bit more. The best way though, to really get to know us, is to show up on a Sunday morning, enjoy the service and then hang around afterward to get a feel for the culture and atmosphere.


Something you’ll probably realize (in addition to the fact that there’s a lot of kids running around!) is that we actually like each other! We truly believe that real, authentic relationships are not only one of the most satisfying and joyful human experiences, but that they enable us to walk out this life with a greater measure of humility, love and grace as we learn to genuinely care for each other.


As much as we care about each other and are trying be intentional in our relationships, we also try not to take ourselves too seriously. We're even known to have “fun” at church (crazy, right?). That doesn’t mean we don’t take God seriously or the call He’s given us. We’re just happy because we know God is good and we’ve had the privilege of seeing some of the exciting things He’s doing in our community, nation and world! And we’re honored to be part of it.


If you’re looking for a church home we’d love to meet you! Below are some more pages that may be helpful to you as you get to know us.



To see the power of the Gospel transform lives

Elevate Jesus  |  Cultivate Relationships  |  Equip Disciples  |  Extend Hope


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