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Missions Connection: Life Options Network

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Have you ever met a woman who was pregnant unexpectedly? A woman who feels unprepared for that pregnancy? Have you ever wondered what that moment is like for a woman in the church? A woman on the streets? A woman who lives next door to you?

At Life Options Network, we know the unique challenges women face when they become pregnant and don’t feel they are ready. The fear and even shame for some is real and often all encompassing. We know the unique challenges of being a single mom, or a couple that's barely making rent each month. We know what it looks like to carry more than one job to provide for your family, and this is the driving force behind everything we do.

The option the world gave:

As many know, the unborn are the least protected human beings in the world. Since Roe v. Wade, over 60 million babies have been aborted. That's more people dead than modern wars combined. Yet, "the primary reason women and families give for having abortions is because they are in poverty", Guttmacher Institute. And in fact, "40% of abortions are from women who attend church", Focus on the Family. 

Abortion was the answer that the world gave to women and families in poverty. However we now know that post-abortive women often struggle daily, both mentally and emotionally, because they did not choose life for their child. Long term abortion regret is real. In addition, modern science has proven that the unborn are in fact human, and deserve the opportunity for basic human rights.

The option we give:

At Life Options Network, we believe in compassion. We believe that it is our duty to love those who need us most; those who are defenseless born and unborn. We believe every life has value no matter their background, ethnicity or gender. We believe this for every person from the womb to the tomb. We've created a system to help women and keep them from going to local abortion clinics, and to also keep them out of poverty.

Currently we have a website that provides information access to every organization available to families and women struggling to provide for their children. Things like diapers, clothing, food and shelter are incredibly costly to people who might be barely making it. We have an amazing team of people chatting with women and families, connecting them with resources to meet their needs.

In the long term we will be opening homes for women at risk for abortion and poverty. We believe that women are strong and capable, and in the absence of finance or support, they should have somewhere to go when they become pregnant unexpectedly. We want to create safe places for women to have children; women who are often being pressured to abort.

How you can partner with us:

We hope you will join us as we serve our community and tell women that their babies have value and so do they. If you would like to partner with us by volunteering or give in any capacity, we would be honored to have your support. You can find us at this phone number 360-524-2480, or donate to this special cause right here.

Written by Jenny Hoffman

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