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Student Ministries Onboarding

Thank you for considering serving with COTR's Student Ministries (either Kids or Youth). There are various roles and opportunities available. Our heart is that you are able to continue to grow in your discipleship with Christ, while also being able to serve this next generation.

Also, thank you for being willing to walk through the steps listed below. If you have any questions regarding any of these steps, please feel free to contact us at either (youth email) or (kids email).

Cultivate &

Hopefully you are aware that COTR's policy requires that you have attended the church for a minimum of six months, have completed the Cultivate class, and have a processed background check to be considered for serving with Student Ministries. Register below...

Screening Form

For the sake of building healthy and mature Student Ministries teams, we are asking for each candidate to complete this Screening Form. This is a more thorough process than what you completed at Cultivate. Please read the introductory note at the top of the form.

Child Safety Training

Child Safety is a high value for COTR. To this end, every student ministries candidate must complete this training.

Interview & Observation

Once steps one, two, and three are completed, we look forward to engaging directly with you to explore opportunities for serving with our team. Email us below to schedule an 1on1 interview.

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