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"But as for me and my family,
we will serve the LORD."

- Joshua 24:15


1.   We Value Honor 
      To honor God and to honor one another.

2.   We Value the Word of God
      The Bible is the key to knowing and doing God’s will.

3.   We Value Prayer
      As a friend of God nothing should be done without prayer.

4.   We Value Worship
      Worship is the adoration of God and can be expressed in contemporary music and song.

5.   We Value Relationships
      We will positively change our world as we invite people into our lives, our church and our walk with God.

6.   We Value Families
      Life giving families are essential for a community.

7.   We Value Unity
      Every believer must be in a local church to experience a fruitful, fulfilling and successful life.

8.   We Value Discipleship
      A disciple is one who has received salvation, water baptism, membership into a local church and surrenders to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

9.   We Value Missions
      We are committed to being a "Great Commission" church that blesses the nations and manifests kingdom culture.

10.  We Value Excellence
       Spiritual freedom in the heart and personal growth is the secret of a quality filled Christian life.

11.  We Value Creativity and Inovation
       Effectiveness is more important than tradition; therefore we readily embrace change.

12.  We Value Giving
       Giving includes our time, energy, talents, resources and finances.

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