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  • 04/22… 6:00pm - 9:00pm

  • 04/23… 10:00am - 9:00pm

  • (see transportation for more details about time)

  • This is NOT a sleepover event!



  • Each student requires a 2022 Annual Permission Form

  • Must be submitted before departure on 04/22

  • May be submitted at youth group prior to conference



  • Group Transportation from COTR…

    • Bus and carpool from COTR for both days

    • Meeting time for dropoff and pickup will be one hour before and after conf start time…

    • 04/22… 5:00pm - 10:00pm

    • 04/23… 9:00am - 10:00pm

  • Parent Transportation to/from Conference…

    • Students may be dropped off at The Promise Church

    • Please coordinate with youth pastors in advance if this is your plan

    • Parents may transport other youth with written parental approval

  • Student Drivers to/from Conference…

    • Qualified student drivers may transport themselves and siblings to/from conference

    • Student drivers may transport friends with written parental approval

    • Student drivers may not leave campus during conference except for emergency (no exceptions)




  • 7th - 12th graders

  • (7th grade equals twelfth birthday before 09/01/21)



  • 04/22

    • Youth should eat dinner before arriving

    • Youth may bring snacks for themself (limit sugar)

    • Youth-Team will have some snacks available

    • The Promise will have a snack bar (bring cash)

  • 04/23

    • Youth should eat breakfast before arriving

    • Youth may bring snacks for themself (limit sugar)

    • We will have some snacks available


      • Food Trucks will be available at your own cost

      • Youth may NOT leave campus for meals



  • Youth will be assigned to small groups for the entirety of conference

  • Each small group will have a leader/chaperone

  • Youth are required to check in at all times with their leader



  • Youth-Team is looking for a few additional volunteers to serve as chaperones for this event

    • Does not have to be there for the entire event

  • Requisites to serve…

    • Completion of Cultivate

    • Background check approved

    • Six month attendance w/ COTR

  • Please call, text, or email if you are interested in serving

Meet our youth pastors...

Dan & Danielle Friess


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