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The Book of James

Women's weekly bible study

Monday 8:30 - 10am

Studying the word of God is the most important activity for a Christian. How can you know the voice and will of God without reading his word. Join us on this eight week journey through the book of James where we will learn to stay steadfast in our faith and recognize the lies of the enemy.

Green Leaves
Community Garden

Monthly on the Fourth Thursday


Introducing Church on the Rock's community garden. In this space we hope to cultivate vegetables, friendships, and life skills for this generation and the next. Join us for classes:

  • Seeds starts in March with Trish Merrill | Register

  • Transplanting in April with Teresa Edmonds | Register

  • Pruning in July with Carmen Palmquist | Register

  • Harvest and Preserving in October with Mandi McIsaac and Nancy Culver | Register



@ 11AM

Come bring Jesus to the streets with us! On the last Saturday of each month we meet at COTR at 11AM to convoy to a homeless encampment. If you are able to come hang out and be a blessing, hand out items, or give haircuts let us know below. More details in the COTR App.

Let us know if you plan to join us

Community Garden
Women's Discipleship
Church in the Streets
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