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Fasting: A Lifestyle

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It's been about a month since we finished up our twenty one days of prayer and fasting here at COTR. It was an incredible time for us as a church body and for many personally!! Here's a few things that God did:

- People in our community received His free gift of Salvation!

- He set a lot of people free from strongholds.

- He has increased hunger and thirst for Himself and His Word in SO many of our lives.

I have a vision to see fasting become a lifestyle for our church. What would it look like to gather a group of people that have a desire to incorporate prayer and fasting into their everyday life, not just something we do once a year? The idea is this: What if twenty people are willing to fast at least one day a month? What if thirty? Or forty? Or fifty? We believe that The Holy Spirit will show each of us which day, meal, or time frame to take. Think about all the breakthroughs, new vision, and growth that could take place as we cover each month with committed fasting and prayer throughout the rest of 2020!

I believe that this is one of the most effective ways we can move forward with the purposes of God for our church, our city, and in our lives! If you'd like to join us in making fasting a lifestyle, text "CONTINUE" to 360-301-7625, and we'll send you prayer points that we're focusing on at the beginning of each month.

- Pastor Brad

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