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January 2024 Fast

Updated: Jan 9

A Note from Pastor Brad:

Hey, Church! We've been looking at the tabernacle and how God has a strong desire to be near to His people. At times in my life, I would have considered drawing near to God a duty or obligation, rather than an incredible privilege and opportunity. There are many ways we can seek God's presence - time in the Word, fellowship with other believers, spending time in prayer, fasting, etc. Fasting (from food primarily) is almost like a spiritual deep cleaning for me, as I realize how much the things of the world can tug and pull for my time and affections. Rather than just one long fast to start the year then waiting until next year to fast again, I'm praying that we will experience the nearness of God as we start the year with some set times of fasting, and that it will become a regular part of our walk as followers of Jesus! If you've never fasted before, consider joining us for one of the days - not to starve ourselves, but to draw near to the God that longs to be near to you! -Pastor Brad

Fast: To abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink

Here's a few tips to consider before starting your fast:

- Because fasting is choosing to go without food, it's a good idea to chat with your healthcare provider if you have any health concerns or you've ever dealt with an eating disorder.

- Decide the length of your fast before you begin. As a church we are setting a time frame of one day each week and a three day fast. You may choose in this time to do more days, you may fast one meal a day, one full day, three days, seven days, or even 21, etc. There is no set formula. This is a time for you to press in to the Presence of the Lord! Commit yourself to a length of time and decide what you're fasting before you begin. This way, when the hunger pangs, sugar cravings and your feelings kick in, you already have your decision made.

- Allow the hunger to drive you to focus on the Lord. When you get a craving or have a grumbling stomach, use it as a reminder to pray and get your strength to press on from Him! Take it one moment and one prayer at a time.

Details for the 2024 fast:

Recommended starting the 9th of January and ending with a three day fast, Sunday the 28th through Tuesday the 30th. Close out this time of fasting together at Prayer and Worship with soup. Opt in for Prayer Point texts!

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